Wildfires and Climate Change

Some think climate change can be to blame for recent wildfires popping up in the West. With temperatures soaring above 120 degrees this month, it feels as if there is no end in sight.

Wildfires Pic

Last week, the sand fire pictured left tore through part of Southern California and destroyed more than 38,000 acres around the Santa Clarita Valley. This is one of the latest blazes adding to a trend of increasing and intensifying wildfires due to rising heat and drought.

Since the 1970’s wildfires on public lands alone in the Western United States has increased over 500%. Obviously what’s starting these fires is out of our control but the reason they are becoming so problematic are record-breaking heat waves and droughts.

We know that climate change, whether man made or not is to blame for this. Even if you don’t believe that climate change is led by humans, know that we can alter its course just the same.

To learn more about the recent fires and the role climate change plays in them visit Climate Central at the link below.


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