Environmentalists Come In All Forms

The “EcoRight” still exists, and it is a great thing for America’s political future. For the past thirty years people have been thinking you needed to be a Democrat to believe in climate science or have the passion to protect the environment, it hasn’t always been this way. Teddy Roosevelt was a political pioneer on the front of preservation, and he was a Republican. Sure, the definition of Republicans and Democrats have muddied a bit since Teddy held office but they still hold the same core values.

Not only does the EcoRight still exist, it’s growing. The 2016 RNC saw many groups advocating for green policies within their own party, something that has been missing for a while now. These groups believe that they can add to the conversation on climate policy before the 2020 elections roll around.

“We claim some of the territory the party seems to have lost,” Conservatives for Responsible Stewardship President David Jenkins.

The 2016 RNC convention made no positive mention of climate policy and went as far as opposing a carbon tax and proposing reduced funding for renewable energy.

The number of green Republicans has been growing in recent years and they’re getting younger. Groups like republicEn were at the 2016 RNC in large numbers and brought an enthusiasm not seen in decades. With Republican nominee Donald Trump wanting to disband the Paris climate agreement and calling climate change “a hoax” the green Republicans have a tough job ahead of them. Some of these groups think Trump will change his tune sooner rather than later.

“I’m optimistic that Mr. Trump’s platform will evolve quickly. I think post- convention, a lot more people will be assisting the campaign and providing counsel and advice,” ConservAmerica President Rob Sisson

To learn more about one of these groups head over to http://republicEn.org


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