What Conservative Candidates Need to Know About Millennial Voters.

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Considering a good chunk of millennials identify with the Republican Party, it would be wise for more candidates to align themselves with an ever-growing concern among them. The environment and more specifically, climate change.

The Washington Post did a poll in June of 2014, it showed that 61% of subjects who consider themselves Republican think that the U.S. government should take steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, even if that means paying more than $40 extra a month on utility bills. The respondents in this study were aged 18-49.

Many Republicans from all age groups seem to feel the same way. According to another survey, 54% of conservative Republicans support regulating carbon dioxide as a pollutant. This is from a joint study done by Yale and George Mason University.

Most Republicans shy away from addressing climate change as they see it as another way for our government to get bigger. Saying climate change is a non-issue is much easier than getting everyone together to find a workable solution. Humans tend to go the easier route. Most of the solutions presented by the government have been red tape and difficult to follow regulations.

The thing that conservative candidates have to learn is that they have a huge opportunity to win over voters. These candidates can boost their image, win votes and promote free enterprise solutions that will appease everyone. This seems like a much more productive route than just saying climate change is not real and missing out on all those votes.

None of this is to say Republicans of the past have not done their fair share to protect the environment. Teddy Roosevelt established the National Park System that turned 100 years old this year. Ronald Reagan ratified the Montreal Protocol that phased out the global use of chemicals harmful to the ozone. George H.W. Bush was in power during the 1990 Clean Air Act amendments. H.W. Bush’s trip to Rio during his presidency was the beginning of an international collaboration on attacking climate change. The words “climate change” are not dirty words; candidates should be working together to find solutions, not more areas to disagree on.



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