Letter from the Founder

As the reality of climate change and its effect on the environment rages on, those of us who have a voice need to join the discussion of how greenhouse gas pollution from oil production can be eliminated. If experts in our industry will agree to participate in a forthright discussion, we can find the common ground required to build solutions to these problems.

At One Step In, we believe that preservation and conservation should work together to achieve two common goals:

  • to preserve the environment so that future generations have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty this world holds
  • to conserve the environment’s finite and quantifiable natural resources

Both goals should hold the same level of importance, as they are equally urgent. To us, it seems counterproductive for anyone — liberal or conservative — to align themselves against these objectives.

Finding solutions to preserve and protect the environment and the earth’s natural resources from within the oil and gas industry are paramount to the long-term success of both. We at OneStepIn know from experience that engineering processes can be implemented feasibly to WASTE NOTHING, therefore our environmental-preservation goals are met.

I have personally designed and developed equipment for capturing methane and other flash gas emissions since 1982. This knowledge gives us the vision to conduct constructive discussions on the sources of emissions and an efficient means of eliminating them. The capture and containment of greenhouse gasses that are flared, vaporized, or simply neglected will require this experience and both sides working together towards the common goal.

Understanding the value of a waste-nothing philosophy is the first step for our discussion. The idea is not to develop a set of objectives that favor one over another but a goal in which the majority of all participants reach a consensus. The vision must include a logical path forward addressing the world’s energy needs and its environmental impact for future generations. With these requirements quantified, the discussion can begin on how to balance both. We depend on the generosity of like minded people to support our work, please consider investing in our efforts.

We know this is possible, and the discussion must begin now.

Wiley Rhodes,
FounderOne Step in logo

One Step In Foundation
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